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company news about Safety regulations for lifting appliances

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Company News
Safety regulations for lifting appliances
Latest company news about Safety regulations for lifting appliances

1、 Safety Operation Procedures for Hoisting
1. Lifting operation belongs to special operation, and the lifting driver, commander and rigger (hooker) must hold a valid Operation Certificate for Special Operation Personnel before being allowed to work;
2. During the lifting operation, the commander, lifting driver and rigger must work together; One person shall not hold two posts at the same time;
3. Before operation, the operator shall check the hoisting machinery, machines and tools, tools, slings, lifting ropes and riggings, and confirm that they meet the safety requirements before use;
4. During lifting operation, only one person can be the commander, and other personnel must obey the commander's command;
5. Before starting the lifting operation, the driver must ring the bell for warning and confirm that no one is in the danger area before starting the operation;
6. In an emergency, anyone can send a stop or yield signal, which must be executed by the driver;
7. When lifting heavy objects, a trial lifting of 0.5m above the ground must be carried out first, and the lifting can only be carried out after the safety is confirmed;
8. No one is allowed to stand under the crane boom; It is strictly forbidden to operate the boom over people;
9. The rigger shall leave the dangerous area before lifting; When lifting, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the lifting object or hold the lifting object with hands or walk with the lifting object;
10. It is strictly forbidden to stand above unstable objects to hook, loosen hooks and bind objects;
11. It is strictly prohibited to use a crane to pull and hoist; Overload hoisting is strictly prohibited;
12. At the end of the operation, ropes, slings and other tools shall be cleaned up and placed at the specified location, and inspection shall be strengthened to replace the scrapped tools in time.
2、 Safe Operation Procedures for In plant Vehicle Transportation
1. In plant vehicle transportation is a special operation. Drivers engaged in in plant vehicle transportation must hold a valid Driver's License or an in plant vehicle driving Operation License issued by the safety supervision department before they are allowed to drive;
2. Drivers shall wear work clothes, helmets and other personal protective equipment as required;
3. Before driving, check the technical conditions of the brake, steering gear, horn, lights, rear-view mirror, tires, etc. of the vehicle, and drive the vehicle after confirming that they are in good condition; If any fault occurs during operation, it shall be eliminated in time before continuing driving operation;
4. The goods loaded by the vehicle shall be bundled firmly and placed evenly to prevent the center of gravity from shifting and overturning;
5. When loading and unloading goods, the driver must leave the cab and transfer to a safe place;
6. It is strictly forbidden to drive after drinking, smoke, eat, talk and engage in activities that hinder safe driving;
7. Overload and excessive loading are strictly prohibited; It is forbidden to load people and goods together;
8. Relevant regulations shall be observed when loading inflammable and explosive materials;
9. Strictly abide by the regulations on vehicle driving in the plant, and speeding is strictly prohibited;
10. The driver of truck crane (crane) must hold the Operation License of the crane driver in addition to the Driver's License; In addition to the above regulations, the safety regulations related to lifting operations must also be observed.

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